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artHAUS 2009
los angeles | berlin
Exhibition: artHAUS 2009  Los Angeles – Berlin
25 Artists 9 Lofts
Jan 24- Feb 24
Reception: Sat June 24, 2009 5:00 pm  
Opening Weekend Sat/Sun 12:00-4:00
Location: Dogtown Station
700 Main Street
Venice, CA
Venice, CA--artHAUS is a group show featuring twenty five artists from Los Angeles to Berlin curated by Thomas Schirmböck of Zephyr Gallery and the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen in Mannheim, Germany.  The works consist of photography, painting, sculpture and video and are spread throughout nine Manhattan-style lofts at Dogtown Station 700 Main Street in Venice, California.  There will be a reception for the artists Saturday January 24, at 5:00 pm.

The theme of the show, Confrontation:Collaboration, portrays “...how two related but often enough misunderstood parts of the world meet in a fest for art.” Says Thomas Schirmboeck, Curator. “Abstract painting is confronted with self reflecting photography, sculptures which give us the idea to understand the world of creatures meet aerial photography; falling artists meet in video art the false beauty of the Oktoberfest. Art is always about the world and how to see her, transform her. This show brings splinters from different kinds of art together and lays them out like a mosaic in which colors, techniques and materials stand together.”
About artHAUS
ArtHAUS is a roaming international exhibition that integrates contemporary art and architecture by engaging world class curators to showcase cutting edge artwork-- photography, video, sculpture and painting-- in newly renovated, unfurnished residences that celebrate the newest local architecture of the host city.
The Artists
Featured artists include painters Charles Arnoldi, Edith Baumann, Kimberly Brooks, Craig Butler and Myriam Holme; photographers, Adam Busch, Douglas Busch, Ford Gilbreath, Werner Huthmacher, Ruth Hutter, E.F. Kitchen, Jenny Tall Kroftova, Robert Mack, Jurgen Nogai, Marc Raeder, Florian Reischauer, Stefanie Schneider, Bill Sosin, Joachim Seinfeld, Marvin Wax, Al Weber and Sascha Weidner; and sculptors Tom Chapin, Gwynn Murrill.  Roughly half of the artists are based in Southern California and the other half from Germany.
About Thomas Schirmböck, artHAUS 2009 Curator
Thomas Schirmboeck is the director of the Zephyr Gallery and curater for the contemporary photography for the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen in Mannheim, Germany.   Mr. Schirmboeck has produced eighty four shows internationally ranging from photography, painting and installation.   From 1996 - 2004 he was founding manager of "Fotogalerie Alte Feuerwache", a public space for photography and related media as one of the leading art spaces for contemporary media in Southern Germany. Before this he lectured in art history at the Manheim University. He is and was a member of several public commissions including Germaine-Krull-Foundation, Wetzlar, Germany, Welde-KunstPreis, Schwetzingen, and senior member of the board City Gallery of Mannheim. He studied art history, archaeology and political sciences at Heidelberg University.  As an editor he has published numerous catalogues and written essays for book publishers.
For more information about the event go to www.arthaus.us
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